Braille Early Learning and Literacy Arcade



BELLA is an educational gaming platform that helps teach braille reading, braille typing, and pre-braille skills to blind and low-vision students. Inspired by arcade games and LeapFrog activity books, BELLA uses audio, visual, and tactile feedback to create an engaging learning experience. Educational games are included with BELLA and may be used in conjunction with pre-brailled cards. Also included is software that allows teachers to create their own cards so they can tailor game content to individual student needs. Students can use BELLA with TVIs in the classroom or independently at home. The low cost of the unit makes it accessible to a wide audience and potentially a world market.


BELLA believes in making braille education accessible




BELLA consists of a full Perkins keyboard (6 keys, spacebar, backspace, and new line) and 20 cursor routing buttons that sit just above a braille display area. Each of the 6 keys contains a small vibrating motor, so students can learn chord combinations tactilely. When a card is inserted into the device, the braille cells on the card line up with the cursor routing buttons, simulating a refreshable braille display and allowing students to interact directly with the text. The reverse side of the card is printed with a barcode that identifies the card to BELLA.