A world where braille education is available to anyone it may benefit.


BELLA Games aims to support braille literacy by developing a low-cost, open-source, interactive braille education device: BELLA. Development of BELLA includes 5 components:

  • Develop hardware platform
  • Develop game software and curriculum support software.
  • Develop core braille curriculum.
  • Provide resources to support community contributions.
  • Work with international universities and associations to bring BELLA to more users.




BELLA Games seeks to bring BELLA from a prototype to a production-ready device with an early English braille curriculum in the immediate future. This includes both alpha and beta testing of software; user testing in various educational settings; completion of manufacturing plans such as BOMs, drawings, and schematics; as well as applicable consumer certifications FCC, CE, FDA, etc. Upon completion, all hardware plans, software code, and curriculum will be released under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA). Production of BELLA is open to any interested party including BELLA Games that may seek to manufacture and sell BELLA at a sustainable price.